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Home Improvements

Make your home more desirable to buyers

As the mortgage crisis continues to swarm Britain, homeowners are struggling to sell their homes and having to massively reduce their prices to desperately find buyers.

An independent survey by Butterfield Mortgages found that 66% of homeowners want to make energy-efficient improvements to their home and 36% of homeowners wanting to improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating to increase the value of their home.

World of Solar are one of the UK’s largest solar energy installers, have pulled together 10 eco-friendly ways to increase the value of your property by over £23k.

1. Solar Panels– our most impressive contender isPV Solar Electricity Panels, offering a huge increase to your home on average of about £23,358 (12% of the average house price based in the North East of England). Solar Panels add a modern finish to your home, hugely reduce your energy costs and keep your home eco-friendly by creating renewable energy. Solar Panels are one of the only home investments that allow you to make the money back over time. With energy prices increasing at a vast rate, you can save thousands over just 1 year of installing solar.

2. Timeless Fixtures & Fittings– invest in timeless fixtures and fittings, this means they won’t age quickly and appeals to all audiences. Opting for good quality, sustainable items is a great way to make your home feel more minimalist and neutral. Opting for renewable materials can help keep things aesthetically pleasing, using bamboo items are a great way of doing this. Items range from Bamboo Shelves, through to wall mirrors, combined with a white wall background sets the perfect backdrop for home photos too!

3. Underfloor Heating– this is often a luxury addition to a property when increasing your property value. It helps reduce the carbon footprint by offering a more energy-efficient way of heating your home. It is a very desirable feature to anyone buying a home so will increasing your chances of selling.

4. Adding House Plants– this is a great way of adding greenery to the home and also helping to improve your mental health! A positive mindset will help when people view your property, letting viewers soak in the extra oxygen that the plants release. If you are selling a newer build home and still struggling to add décor, this is a great way of adding that extra touch that helps break down empty spaces or rooms.

5. Smart Thermostats– another desirable addition to the modern home. Smart Thermostats work by allowing your heating systems to be controlled by you, meaning if you can adjust exactly when you want your heating to work. Gone are the days of accidently leaving your heating on during the summer months, say hello to an eco-friendly cost-saving future!

6. Ground Source Heat Pump– a ground source heat pump transfers heat from the ground that surrounds your home to provide heat to your radiators and underfloor heating systems. You can also use this kind of heat pump to heat water stored in a cylinder for your hot taps in the home. Whilst you can make annual savings on your energy bills investing in this type of renewable energy makes your property much more desirable.

7. LED Lighting Fixtures– adding LED lighting can actually increase your home value by up to 3 percent. Led Lighting can last on average up to 17 years and roughly saves around £600 per light fitting when using an LED. Due to the durability and low energy consumption, it makes it desirable to people buying your home, as they know they won’t have to replace the electrics for many years to come! There are many different styles that you can choose from, including modern and traditional looking light fixtures.

8. Improving your Garden– having a modern garden is a very strong selling point when it comes to selling your home and adding value. If you don’t have the time to tidy your garden, then find a local gardener that can help so you don’t need to! Small investments in your outdoor garden can really help, even if you get a few new plants and sustainable outdoor furniture, it can increase the value of your home by a huge average of £15,500 (7.5%)!

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