High-Quality Solar Inverters

If you’re looking for a solar inverter or just want to maximise your energy production, you’ve come to the right place. This equipment could even be essential for keeping your property as efficient as possible, especially at a time of ever-rising utility bills. As more and more people switch to solar power as a means of reducing costs, it helps to understand the benefits of a high-quality inverter; including those we sell at World of Solar. Our team specialises in connecting you with the best brands of solar equipment to make the most of your system and all it has to offer.

What is a solar inverter and how does it work?

An inverter is instrumental for the functionality of your solar setup – transforming the direct current electricity that the solar panels generate into alternating current. This is the form of electricity that the national grid uses, so a solar panel inverter ensures that your property can actually use this power. This inverter also connects directly to the grid if the panels aren’t able to collect enough sunlight, helping the property to still enjoy uninterrupted electricity. Conversely, if the panels have too much energy, an inverter sends this back to the grid for others to use.

The specific way that your solar inverter operates depends on the brand, as well as the type of technology that it uses. As a part of this process, the inverter also lowers the voltage, increasing compatibility between the two distinct systems. Generally speaking, inverters perform this conversion by repeatedly and rapidly switching the direction of their DC electricity with the aid of interlinked transformers and transistors. The size of inverter you select should be the same wattage as the system’s other key components. Our expert team would be happy to help you choose the inverter that’s right for you.

The benefits of solar inverters

At World of Solar, we pride ourselves in stocking the best and most efficient solar inverter brands that are able to provide many benefits to your home. Here are just a few of the advantages our solar panel inverters offer.

  • Maximising power: These devices help your panels create the cleanest electricity possible – including a purer sine wave that helps ensure the conversion remains smooth and fast at any time of day.
  • Grid compatibility: By interfacing directly with the grid, your inverter can intelligently draw upon this reserve power when necessary, possibly mixing it with solar energy during days of dim weather.
  • Monitoring output: Solar panel inverters can give you more details about the system’s overall operation and usually allow you to check each panel’s performance online, or with the help of an app.
  • Detecting faults: The solar inverter is able to easily find problems with your system before they cause serious issues. Upon locating them, the inverter shuts off to protect components from damage.
  • Helps others: An inverter can also transfer electricity back into the grid if your property has enough, allowing you to provide additional energy to other properties in the area that might require it.

Types of solar inverter

The four main types of solar inverter that we stock include:

String inverters

Each string inverter can connect to multiple (potentially all) solar panels on your property, unifying the system to produce a stronger level of electricity. Though these inverters are cheap and durable, one panel performing under expectations affects the whole system due to this unification.


Individual microinverters each attach to one solar panel, allowing them to work separately without influencing their overall performance. This converts DC to AC before the electricity leaves the roof, offering a fully scalable solution – though these are more expensive and involve more challenging rooftop maintenance.

Power optimisers

A middle ground between string inverters and microinverters, power optimisers are located on the roof but still unify through a central inverter. This provides many of the same benefits as microinverters while costing a lot less, maximising the efficiency of every individual solar panel.

Hybrid inverters

Hybrid inverters are a relatively modern innovation that combines battery and photovoltaic inversion – usually in the form of a string configuration. This allows you to also convert AC into DC, letting you store grid energy if necessary to increase your solar setup’s overall efficiency.

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How to choose a solar inverter

It may be difficult to choose the type of solar inverter that’s best for you, but there are various factors that you could use to decide. For example, your budget is likely a big consideration – at World of Solar, we always try to make sure you can access the top inverter brands at an affordable price. However, a string inverter may be the best choice if you need a cheaper system; especially if your panels enjoy frequent sunlight. More generally, it’s important you select an inverter which matches the panels’ wattage; we can advise you on this.

We can check your property’s current setup and show you how the inverter you select can affect the quality of your electricity while making suggestions backed by our experience. For example, we can identify if your home requires power optimisers to maintain an energy supply on days without consistent sunlight. Every type of panel has a specific inverter that would offer the most benefits and ensure the most efficient energy generation. The specific features and monitoring capabilities might be another factor, giving you full awareness of your setup’s status at all times and highlighting any issues.

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Selecting the right inverter ensures an efficient and effective approach towards solar power – which allows you to guarantee more reliable electricity. At World of Solar, we offer a vast catalogue of solar inverters which your setup could benefit from, with equipment from different brands that boast various quality-of-life features. This lets you make the right choice, especially with our skilled and qualified solar team ready to help with any query you might have about these products. To learn more about our solar inverters, and how they work, feel free to contact us today.