The benefits of choosing SolarEdge

SolarEdge are one of the leading brands within the solar industry.


SolarEdge are one of the leading brands within the solar industry. In 2006, SolarEdge’s innovation revolutionised the way we manage Solar PV systems. Their technology also changed the way we could capitalise on our solar generation. They are an essential part of Solar history, and here’s all the reasons why.

SolarEdge Inverter



With traditional string inverters, the output energy of your system, is effected by the weakness operating Solar panel. This is because they are all directly interlinked. However, when using a SolarEdge inverter in your system, each panel works independently. As a result, shading, dirt or leaves on a single panel will not impact the entire systems performance. This means more power can be generated. Resulting in more revenue and savings on your electricity bill.

Solar Edge and Shading


SolarEdge inverters are 99% efficient. In comparison, most string inverters have an efficiency of 93-96%. As a result, your system will generate more energy, leading to a quicker financial return.


With a SolarEdge system you can produce more power, due to its design flexibility.You are no longer limited by panels in partially shaded areas, nor arrays in multiple orientations or panel mismatching. This design flexibility means you can maximise your PV power. Furthermore, you can choose a layout to suit your desired aesthetics and energy needs.


SolarEdge comes with its own monitoring platform. This means you can access your solar systems real-time data 24/7. This includes your systems technical and financial performances. For example, individual panel performance, battery charge level, and energy consumption. This doesn’t require any extra hardware, and comes already integrated into your SolarEdge products. Essentially, this means any faults or failures are easier to detect. Furthermore, you will also receive automatic system alerts, which can be troubleshoot remotely. This monitoring platform is free to use for 25 years. The same length as your warranty for SolarEdge products.

Solar Edge Monitoring Platform


SolarEdge offers advanced safety features. For instance, SolarEdge Inverters can automatically disconnect high DC current through your cabling. This reduces risk levels in cases of emergency and maintenance. In addition, SolarEdge offers arc detection and module-level shut down. These features can prevent possible fire risks.

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