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Woman plugging zappi in to electric car

Charge your EV with a Zappi charger

Use your surplus solar power to charge your vehicle for free


Electric Vehicles

Zappi's 3 EV Charging Modes

eco charging - A mixture of green and grid energy using cheaper overnight tariffs. Can also charge your car for free using 100% green energy

eco+ charging - The same as eco charging but the power is continuously adjusted in response to your domestic usage, pausing charging until surplus power is available

Fast charging - Charge at maximum power from solar or the grid

What is a Zappi?

A Zappi is a charger which uses power from the grid or from your own renewable energy source to charge your electric vehicle (EV). Within the Zappi, there is an optional charging mode which can use 100% green energy from your renewable solar installation. If you are in the market for an electric vehicle (EV) charger which will break you into the green energy field, then a Zappi from Myenergi is right for you.

Zappi Charger

What are the three modes of an EV chargers?

Eco-charging is the mode which uses the perfect mix of both green energy and the energy produced by the grid, but will try to minimise the amount of power exported from the grid.

The power charged from the Zappi will continually change and adapt in accordance to any power which is used from the house. There is however a minimum charging current, in accordance with the EV charging standard, of 6A, which totals to 1.4kw for single phase. However, if there is an excess of less than 1.4kw from the power of your house then the additional power to substitute will be taken from the grid. This requirement is only for a single phase.

For a three phase EV, there is a requirement of 6A per phase, which means in order for the EV to charge it must have a power of 4.2kw. If the power is less than 4.2kw, the power will be exported from the grid. The EV will charge the moment it is plugged into the Zappi, and whilst on eco mode, will charge continually at 1.4kw until it is unplugged or charged fully. The EV will charge at a higher power if there is spare generation from the house.

Eco+-charging is very similar to eco charging as it will either use your own renewable power source or power from the grid. Although, the power is constantly adjusted to the change in power consumption or generation in the home. If there is far too much imported power, the charging of you EV will pause and will only continue if there is excess power available. In this mode, there is a choice to have a boost to your charging. Once this boost is activated in the car, the car's battery will be continually topped up.

Fast charging, as the name suggests, charges your EV fast to the maximum power. This power will either come directly from the grid or from a different renewable energy source. The charging of the EV will only be limited by the onboard charger rating of the EV or if there are any limitations which have been set. There is a maximum current of 32A which is supplied, a charging power of 7.4kw, for a single phase Zappi. Or if there is a three phase Zappi installed and on fast mode, there will be a charging power of 22kw.

A huge advantage and selling point of a Zappi is that it will use any excess green energy from your house to charge your EV before turning to the grid for power. It is designed for you to optimise the power you receive from your wind or solar energy installation.

How much will a Zappi cost me?

The overall price of charging an electric car is all dependent upon the mode used, what electric vehicle you have, and many other contributing factors.

Can I have a Zappi if I don't have renewable energy?

Yes, you can have a Zappi for your EV if you do not have your own source of renewable energy. The charging device will work on 100% power from the grid.

How can I connect and control my Zappi?

The best way to connect to and control your EV charger is by downloading the Myenergi app from the Appstore. From this app, you will be able to monitor all activity of your charger, including being able to see where your energy is coming from. You can control your energy from using certain boost functions and setting timers for more economically suited purposes. Oversee all important information regarding your energy in one place, for example PV generation, grid import and export, and battery storage information. Relax knowing you know exactly where your energy is coming from and what it is charging.

Zappi App

If you would like to install a Zappi EV charger, contact us today to speak to a friendly advisor.

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