10 Reasons to go Solar

A simple guide to why we do what we do!

1) Protect the planet.  Help protect the environment in a way that benefits you too. Solar power offers a way to do the right thing for the planet while also saving on your electricity bills.

2) Save some money. According to the Office of National Statistics, energy prices have doubled since the turn of the century and trebled since January 1987.  Using solar protects you against future price rises from utility companies and saves you money on your electricity bills.

3)   Help keep Britain alight.  With power shortages becoming an issue in the UK, you could help to not just keep your own electricity on but others as well. 

4) Use your daylight. Wherever you live, if your roof has access to daylight, you can make electricity.  Solar PV panels work really effectively in colder conditions.

5) Peace of mind. Some of the panels we supply come with lifetime warranties and require little or no maintenance.  They will provide years of trouble-free service.

6) Future proof against energy price rises. 

7) Join the community. With more than 1 million homes enjoying the benefits of having solar panels installed, you would be part of a large growing community.

8) Charge your batteries using your solar panels and share what you generate using Social Energy. 

9) Invest now for a future of clean, cost effective energy generation. 

10) Get power for life with lifetime guarantees.

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