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Pylontech Battery

Pylontech Battery

If you’re interested in trying Pylontech Batteries and want to get started integrating better batteries in your solar power system, get in touch with the World of Solar team today fox-batteries.html

Pylontech Batteries

Pylontech batteries

Who are Pylontech?

Pylontech is a relative newcomer in the power infrastructure space, having been founded in 2009. In the years since, the company has innovated lithium iron phosphate battery technology in its energy storage systems, rapidly becoming one of the leading providers of solar batteries. Working everywhere from homes and EV charging stations to entire data centre backup systems, Pylontech’s products are rapidly becoming a fundamental part of the way companies around the world are implementing solar power.

Why people pick Pylontech

Pylontech’s range of batteries is picked by people all around the world for a variety of reasons, with some of the most common including:

Better efficiency

Efficiency and capacity are two of the most important parts of a solar battery, with a high level of efficiency enabling you to use the capacity to its fullest extent. With higher levels of efficiency your battery charges faster, holds the charge more consistently and discharges at a more reliable rate. Consumers get the most out of their solar panels, ultimately saving money that they would end up putting into the national grid to make up for inefficiency-led shortfalls.

Simple installation

Getting anything in your solar system installed can feel like a bit of a pain. As a consumer, it’s easy to see solar batteries as worryingly expensive and complex pieces of equipment that you don’t want to install on your own. Pylontech’s batteries are incredibly simple to install for a user, so you can either try to add it to your solar power system yourself or work with an expert who will install it much more quickly than they would an alternative product.

Long life

As with many solar batteries, Pylontech’s range has been created and developed over a series of years with the user in mind. The Pylontech US3000C is a key example of that, having an extremely low failure rate and being prepared for so many cycles of charging and discharging that it lasts over ten years. In fact, the manufacturer is confident to the extent that your battery is under warranty until ten years after installation, so they clearly trust their own claims.

The costs of Pylontech batteries

There are a couple of considerations that you may need to think about when choosing a Pylontech battery, including:

  • Smart technology: It takes a lot of work to get a Pylontech battery working with smart home technology to track your power stores.
  • Compatibility: Whilst batteries are, for the most part, compatible with other manufacturers, this isn’t a guarantee and may need double-checking.
  • Expensive: Due to the innovative technology involved in the system it can be somewhat expensive to invest entirely in Pylontech batteries for your property.
Pylontech battery

Try Pylontech Batteries

If you’re interested in trying Pylontech Batteries and want to get started integrating better batteries in your solar power system, get in touch with the World of Solar team today. We can work with you to find the perfect solution for your home, helping you to take the first steps on your renewable energy journey.

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