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Solar Panel - Poly - Half Cell

Just as bifacial solar panels and PERC solar cells provide small boosts in the efficiencies of silicon solar panels, implementing half-cut cells in solar panels can help improve the power output of a solar panel system.

Key Stats

Module efficiency leading in industry, up to 20.4%

Passed 3*IEC standard test

Poly Half Cell Solar Panel

1/2 current, reducing the hot spot temperature

As low as 43℃, improving the power generation efficiency

The benefits of Half-Cut Cells

The modules assembled with half cells not only generate more power output, but also perform better during daily operation as a result of lower temperature coefficient of power, along with reduced shading effect on the energy generation, lower risk of hot spot, and enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading.

Lower resistive losses

A half-cut cell carries half the current and a quarter of the resistance of a full cell. So a complete half-cell module has the same current but half the resistance of a regular module. Resistance = wasted power, meaning a half cell solar panel can boost output by around 3%.


Since the cells are physically smaller, they are more averse to cracking.

Shadow Resistance

A regular panel is made up of 3 rows of cells connected in series with bypass diodes. If one cell is shaded, a third of the panel’s output can be lost. But in a half-cut panel, there are 6 rows of cells. So, if one of the cells is shaded, only a sixth of the output is lost.

Less Chance Of Hotspots

With a lower current in each cell, there’s less heat concentration

Reduced Installation Area

Roof space can be saved using half cell technology.

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