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6 sets of solar inverters and batteries

Solar Energy System for York City Charities

World of Solar installs large solar panel system for York Charities



Affordable housing and education are a part of life which should be easily accessible to everyone. No one should ever be concerned or have sleepless nights over where they will sleep or how to educate their children.

York City Charities is an amazing collection of charities based in York City Centre which work tirelessly to ensure their citizens do not have to worry about housing, education or food. World of Solar are excited to announce that we have teamed up with York City Charities to provide a large solar installation for a complex in Clifton which will provide heating, hot water, and electricity at a low cost, saving hundreds of pounds a year for the tenants.

York City Charities focuses on helping those who are less fortunate in the City of York. They bring opportunities of education to those who would not usually have access and provide housing for those who struggle to afford it. The charity was established in 1956 by an act of Parliament with the intention and aim to help the citizens of York who cannot afford day to day necessities. A number of charities are involved in the group including Fothergill Homes, The Advancement Branch Charity, Lady Hewley Charity, and The Poors Branch Charity.

Each of these charities cover different aspects of society helping those in need or those who are less fortunate. Educational grants are provided by the Lady Hewley Charity for children and young adults who cannot go to school or receive an education. Poor Branch provide a variety of services to people in need, including support for the homeless, people with disabilities, and families struggling to make ends meet. Fothergill Homes provide Almshouses to the people of York who cannot afford or are struggling to find a home. The complex includes around 50 flats and bungalows in Clifton, York which are all rented out at below-market rates. The first 10 houses which started the charity were built in 1935 using the inheritance of Mrs Jessie Ashton in the memory of her uncle, Colonel Thomas Fothergill. Later on in the 1930s, more buildings were added to the development, only to be doubled in size in 1970s. This wonderful collection of charities has changed the lives of many citizens of York and the trajectory of their lives.

After hearing about the great work that York City Charities do, World of Solar were happy to be asked to help. We have worked with the charities to design and install solar panels solar inverters and batteries to one of the house complexes within Clifton, York. A total of 118 solar panels, 6 solar inverters, and 6 solar batteries have been installed. The system is predicted to generate around 46.6kw of power per year, saving roughly £9000 over 12 months. The power which will be generated from this vast system will provide hot water, heating, electricity, and comfort to those in need.

These amazing charities who have come together to help the less fortunate of York have changed the lives of many. Installing such a large solar system has meant that they now have cheaper electricity, hot water and heating powered by solar energy.

World of Solar are excited to announce that the first phase of this remarkable installation has been completed, and phases two and three are now in the planning stage.

6 solar inverters and 6 batteries Solar panel array on roof Solar panels viewed from the road

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